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August, 2017 (Vol. 11, Issue 17)
Take the Sting Out of Sciatica

Your chiropractor knows a great deal about sciatica, particularly because the nerve originates in the lower back, and herniated spinal discs account for the majority of sciatica cases. Your DC may perform adjustments and related techniques to help resolve your pain. In terms of prevention, two low-level activities may be suggested. Here's why, according to new research.

Give Pain the Boot

A Great Exercise to Erase Low Back Pain

Weight-Loss 101

Don't "Dessert" Your Weight-Loss Goals

Graceful Aging

Reduce Alzheimer's Risk by With Melatonin

No Bones About It

Acid Suppressants Linked to Fracture Risk

Can Saturated Fat
Harm Your Lungs?

When the topic of lung cancer comes up, what comes to mind first? If you're like the overwhelming majority of people, your first thought is smoking causes it. While it's true smoking is a significant cause of lung cancer, research has identified a source that might surprise you.

5 Common Causes of Neck Pain (and How Chiropractic Can Help)

Neck pain can be acute or chronic, but regardless, when you're in pain, relief is the first thing on your mind. Just as important as relief, of course, is finding the cause and ensuring you avoid the behavior / action that brought the pain on in the first place.

Breast Cancer: Watch Out for Hair Products

A startling one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. That statistic makes finding a cure imperative, but it also means we should continue to investigate ways to prevent the disease. Enter hair care products, specifically dark hair dye and hair relaxers.

Our Salt Intake Could Kill Us

Americans are consuming too much salt, and it's having a dramatic impact on our heart health.

Antidepressants: A Real Downer

Especially for Alzheimer's patients, suggests research linking use with increased risk of head injuries.

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