Home Run Formula

A part of the Neuro Emotional Technique™ (NET)!


In NET, we often compare the human body to a baseball diamond, with each base directly influencing the other bases.  In this model, first base represents emotional factors, second base represents the effects of toxins in the body, third base represents nutritional needs and home plate addresses structural or physical needs.  We are healthy when all aspects of each base are harmoniously balanced.

NET practitioners use the Home Run Formula to conveniently categorize the causes and correction areas of ill health.  With this approach, practitioners can use a time-proven method to confidently and effectively treat the cause(s) of a patient's discomfort.

Although we find emotions are a component of health care, it is also very important to understand that any problem can include many factors.  Complete healing begins when all of the factors are addressed.  The NETpractitioner observes and corrects each "base" of the baseball diamond as it surfaces.  Thus, your return to health is actually a "peeling" process, in harmony with the natural timing of the body's own healing wisdom.

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