Now doctors can use a procedure called Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.). NET addresses the emotional component, the third leg of the triangle of health, in a safe, effective physiological way with a spinal adjustment. lt's human nature to have an emotional response to significant events in our lives and then return to our "normal" state of being. Sometimes, however, our bodies hold onto a response and "lock it" in our sympathetic nervous system as a neuro-emotional complex (N.E.C.). Eventually, negative emotions (conscious or unconscious) may manifest as a spinal subluxation and a specific imbalance in a muscle or acupuncture meridian. The net result is ill health.

Could someone have an N.E.C. and not be aware of it?
Yes. For example, say a young boy was forced against his will to get an injection in a doctor's office. This adult may now feel tense in any doctor's office, and may not have the slightest idea why. Spinal subluxations associated with this NEC may result in increased pain and dysfunction.

In NET, we often compare the human body to a baseball diamond, with each base directly influencing the other bases.

NET practitioners use the Home Run Formula to conveniently categorize the causes and correction areas of ill health. With this approach, practitioners can use a time-proven method to confidently and effectively treat the cause(s) of a patient's discomfort.

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