To Your Health Newsletter

To Your Health Newsletter

July, 2022 (Vol. 16, Issue 15)
Who's the Expert on Self-Care? Your Doctor of Chiropractic

Patients like you increasingly want to know about self-care: lifestyle changes, diet, exercise, stress reduction and more. Fortunately, your chiropractor is the expert in such matters.

Avoiding the Big "D"

How to Reduce Your Diabetes Risk Naturally

Pediatrics 101

Growing Up With Antibiotics, Growing Up With Asthma?

Take Health on the Road

5 Healthy Substitutions When Eating Out

Health by the Seasons

You Can Weatherproof Your Body Every Winter

Weekend Warrior? That's OK

As long as you exercise, it doesn't matter if you do it throughout the week or only on the weekends. The important thing is that you do something ... besides sitting around.

Sleep and Heart Health

Sleep is an important factor in heart health – so much so that the American Heart Association recently added healthy sleep as an eighth element of its "Life's Essential 8" checklist.

More Muscle, Better Brain

Maintaining muscle mass when we're older helps prevent falls, reduce the risk of frailty and more. It also helps preserve cognitive function, an increasingly top-of-mind health concern as we age.

How Good Is Your Diet?

Probably not as good as you think it is, unfortunately ... but you're not alone, suggests new research.

Vitamin D for Baby

Ensuring optimal vitamin D status while expecting may help babies avoid a common skin condition.

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